Travel essentials

If you consider yourself more like a traveler that travels consequently rather than a tourist who on the other hand stays at one place to enjoy a vacation, you would agree that there are few  must haves that all of us have to carry. My motto on the road is ‘expect the unexpected’

 1,  Passports (2)

Or at least try your best to do so. Since your journey dependable number one is your passport, I decided to have two.  It is not only case when you have a dual citizenship that you are allowed to have two passport. Many other countries recognize that some countries don’t like seeing certain visa/entry stamps so you can get another passport, while both of them are valid simultaneously. Apart this fore mentioned advantage is it good to have this reserve passport in case you get mugged or lose first one. Luckily for us, visas are easily transferable to another travel document.close-up-desk-hat-346798.jpg

2. Revolut

Altough it is important to have knowledge of accessibility to ATMs at your destination and manage amount of your cash that you carry accordingly yet you still need a card to use as carrying cash for the whole duration of your trip wouldn’t be the wisest decision.Again I recommend to have more than one cards available for use keeping them at different locations or pockets. In my opinion, best choice is to get Revolut card for following reason:

  • Can have multiple cards related to one account
  • can freeze/unfreeze, enable/disable contact less, change pin through app anytime
  • withdrawals from ATMs around the world for free of charge (unless it’s a non-bank ATM) up to 200/400€ depends if you’re free/premium user
  • Uses real time exchange rate rather than disadvantageous rates of banks and other companies.

It is important that you   choose to be charged in same currency as you have on your bank account so Revolut can use their exchange rate. If you have for example account in € and you use Revolut in The U.s. and choose to be billed in dollars you’ll get US bank’s exchange rate rather than Revolut’s.

  • split bills, instant transfers, vault and thorough analytics of your spending and by thorough I really mean it.

It takes less than 3 minutes to apply. You’ll have to send a pic of your ID, send a selfie to confirm that it is your ID and top up for 10 £ (5 for delivery)background-bills-cash-929288.jpg

3. Hidden flat body pouch

Easily consumes credit/debit cards, cash, passport. Easy to wear …nothing else to add.

Get one here


4. Adjustable/Fold-able travel bag 

Water resistant adjustable bag that unfolds from a size of a purse into 40L backpack. Unfold size: 58 x 34 x 20CM (H x W x D), Folds into: 24 x 20 x 9CM (H x W x D) enough to carry your necessities with a weight of as little as 450g .Yet biggest advantage is its size adjustments as various airlines have various requirements for cabin luggage. Remember you are a traveler not a tourist, carrying extra luggage could incredibly increase price of your adventure. It’s Ultra-light, Ultra-durable, Ultra-awesome and in various colors. Sounds handy? Get yours here


5.  Insure and go

I have no doubt that at this point you already thought about travel insurance but there’s this common dilemma which one to choose. I was so fortunate that I never had to claim it and wish all of you to be that lucky too but yet it is a must to have one and in a name of few of my friends who were less fortunate and had to make a claim I recommend this company. Their insurance covers anything from medical expenses trough flight delays/cancellations, whole holiday cancellation/abandonment ,  accommodation cover, personal money (in case you loose all of yours), any legal expenses or personal liability damage and many more plus your insurance will be tailored especially for your needs whether it is a single trip or backpacking expedition around the world. I already took them with me, would you do the same?


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