Buy experiences, not things

Most of the days at work I used to think about how precious is life and every second in it. My second thought was about how can I do such an atrocity and selling pieces of my life for around 10 £ per hour. Well, we all have to give a share of our time in order to get something in return. The most important thing is to choose wisely where do we invest our limited funds of time that we converted into money and the answer is very easy.


Yes, invest in happiness.  That could of course vary and mean something different for each of you, but the ultimate advice is :

Don’t spend money on things. You’ve heard me, don’t. Problem with a possession is that excitement from a new thing fades pretty quickly, isn’t it? You bring a new thing home and after a couple of days or weeks, it becomes a norm rather than a novel that it has used to be. What was up to date and modern today, doesn’t have to be the same tomorrow. There always going to be something newer, better than what you already own and that would wreck your excitement. Possession also goes hand in hand with comparison and there’s always someone with better equipment than you and it could easily devastate your thrills too.

Biggest paradox is that we assume that our excitement from what we’re buying will last as long as that item itself.  It appeals almost intuitive that we’re suggesting that only things we could physically see and feel on a permanent basis would deliver required passion to us.

And now, what’s the power of experience?

Have you ever purchased something that wasn’t as cool as you expected? Well, once you buy it, it’s going to be right in front of your face,  reminding you of your disappointment. We don’t do that with experiences. The very fact that they last for only a short time is reason why we value them so much, and that value tends to increase as time goes on.

They are becoming a part of us.

You are the outcome of everything you’ve seen, everything you’ve done and all those beautiful places you’ve been.

Buying a new MacBook won’t change who you are but spending a few weeks hiking through Asia most likely will.

Experiences are enjoyable from a very first moment of planning, all the way through to the memories we cherish forever.

So love, eat, travel and repeat

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