How to live your travel dreams

I discovered my passion for travelling when I moved to London. European hub with 4 airports and departures all over the world almost every minute. It multiplied when I met my soulmate who was already a frequent traveller. We began our adventures travelling everywhere we can and whenever we could. But there was an issue and that problem was nothing else than a time. Having 20 days of annual leave wasn’t simply enough to extinguish my thirst for exploring, that thirst that lies within every human being. To conquer, to explore, to experience, to simply live your life up to full throttle. Needing taking into account my friends and family back in my home country I had to distribute my piece of annual leave allowance between seeing them and seeing the world. My travelling was limited to European destinations. Using every extended weekend for travelling to new places which were amazing but yet not exotic and distant enough to extinguish my thirst. Honestly, I hope it never ends, speaking of, how could it when it lies in our very human nature.

Soon a change was to come. Moving to the new place, and that’s when this idea was born. Let’s move everything we have to self-storage and travel rent-free while needless to mention, rent in London is sky-high so hypothetically, I can say that travelling is less expensive than staying in London. What an irony. So we began planning, mentioning all those exotic places we always dreamed of and seen only on TV. Sounds expensive? Visiting one at a time without any system definitely would be but carry on reading 😉freedom-handcuffs-hands-247851

So we placed first stop, The United States of America, specifically Los Angeles. It was relatively cheap taking into account that we booked it for nearly a year in advance (180£). So buy long enough in advance, but not straightaway after tickets are released.

Now that we have plenty of time and booked our first destination, why don’t add more? and so we did…few other American cities with flight tickets for less than 50£ climaxing in Hawaii (that one was way more than 50 but cheaper than first one).  Now that we are almost 4000km off US mainland we are closer to the rest of the world, right? So we added Sydney and Melbourne. Travelling to Australia opened our gate of cheap travelling to all of those exotic Asian destinations. We added Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, Malaysia and Singapore. Need to mention that our first flight ticket was still the most expensive. The key is to organize order in which you’ll be visiting your destinations.background-close-up-desk-958173

Literally, this is a trip around the globe (Heading towards east off London and coming back from the west) for less than 1500£ (speaking of flight tickets). As I mentioned above, that’s less than a monthly rent of a house in London. How much you’re willing to spend on accommodation and other expenses is mostly up to you, so is the duration of your trip

So would you choose 10-day vacation through a travel agent in Hawaii or would you choose to travel around the world?